Coding Bose for MEGA Bass
Posted by Jeffrey D Sessler on 2000-02-21 23:18:29:

In Reply to: What about enabling more BASS? posted by Roon on 2000-02-21 19:24:49

The Concert radio can be coded for two different Bass/Treble Vehicle-specific tone control slopes. One is for Bose/Concert and the other for Concert only. You can change this setting by recoding the radio module with either a VAG1151/1552 or VWTOOL. The standard coding for a TT w/bose and secondary display is 00517. If you don't have a cd changer, secondary display, etc. this value may vary in the first decimal place (see page 5 of audi tech document on adding a CD-Changer for complete details. URL at end). We are only concerned with the value at the second decimal place (in the example above it is 1 for Bose tone slope). If you have the radio recoded and change the 1 to a 0 (zero), you will enable the other Vehicle-specific tone control.

Once the radio is recoded you will notice the "Bose" missing from the display on powerup. The Bass/Treble range is now +-6 but the adjustment is more dramatic.

I must say, the effect on the Bass is incredible! It may not be a "true" sound in the Bose universe but many will find it an improvement.