Best idea for cleaning interior smudges?...
Posted by Brad Willis on 2000-05-04 22:43:18:

Many of you know that the TT's interior is prone to smudging very easily. I was using water, but it didn't work all that well. Recently, I tried Meguiars Quik Detail, which I normally use to clean bugs and crap off of the paint. To my surprise, it worked excellent, and didn't appear to leave any residue, or that shiny "Armor All look". Just spray on and wipe with a terry towel.

Give it a try. Even if you don't like it, you should carry a bottle in your TT anyway. It's $4.50 per bottle at WalMart.

P.S. Here's another tip that I learned the hard way. Let's say you have returned to your TT, only to find that birds have taken a massive dump on your baby. The natural inclination is to spray it with Quik Detail, or the like, and wipe the doo doo off. Problem is that birds eat all kinds of grit, including little peebles and such. So when you rub off the poop, you may scratch the heck out of your paint. You must get it really wet and spray it off with water.

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Vinyls is easy: Lexol Vinylex...
Posted by Jeff Miller on 2000-04-10 18:20:19:

In Reply to: Protecting everything but the paint posted by RoverTT on 2000-04-10 18:08:20

...even though I don't have my TT yet, it is what I will use. Its fabulous.

For the leather, err...up until recently, I would say Zymol leather cleaner and conditioner. I haven't seen it at the local car care store recently, and had to really search to find it just now on Zymol's site. I really love the smell, and I think it does a great job cleaning the leather. I just picked up Lexol's leather stuff, and can report on it in a while. I *just* had cleaned the leather with the Zymol when I got the Lexol, and I still got 2 more weeks to go [because I do the leather every month].

Hope that wasn't too disjointed.