The wire is along the A-pillar . . .
Posted by LarryTT on 2000-04-23 21:01:59:

In Reply to: A hardwiring question for Ivan or Col. Bogey or Larry TT or whomever:
I snaked mine on the windshield side of the A-pillar. Once it gets warm enough outside, without raining, I plan on taking the A-Pillar cover off. I need to find a way to mount a 3 gauge pod there anyway and will route the wire down inside then.

Once I routed the wire along the top of the windshield and down the A-pillar I alread had the lower half of the drivers dash apart and also had the entiure fuse panel removed from the car. I handed the wire down to myself at the corner of the dash and where the A-Pillar joins it. At this point I am behind the dash and was able to find the Cell phone fuse on the back side and just tapped into the wire.

Piece of cake!


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