Throttle Lift-off Noise FIXED!!! Bailey Dump Valve solves problem.
Posted by ScouTT on 2000-07-02 16:33:09:

Just installed the Bailey Motorsports Forged dump valve, part DV-30.

I ordered it direct from them over the web...

Hardest part of installing it is removing the stock hose clamps. Pain in the butt.

Once off, I used (temporarily, Porsche clamps are coming Monday) Marine Grade Stainless hose clamps from Home Depot.

Putting in the Bailey took all of 5-10 minutes, then went for a ride...


Our "friends" (idiots) at AOA sure have their heads up their butts...

What a difference this part makes. No more noise on lift off, just a "hydraulic piston release" sound, like an airbrake letting out pressure. Sounds way-cool when you lift off, now.

Now the big question is, has driving around for 5500 miles with a bad dump valve damaged my turbo..?

For any of you that are suffering from the lift-off rattle, it's your dump valve. Bailey's got the answer, but it costs about $150, plus shipping to the states from the UK.

After everything else I've done to the car, this was clearly worth the expense.



'00 TTQ RavenBlack: Garrett Stage2 / H&R Springs / K&N / Borla / Bailey DV-30 / V1 / LLTek mats / LLumar Tint

Bailey installed in a 180QC.
(From Colnel Bogey)