More of a de-installation tip.... I fussed with that horrible side clamp for a couple minutes and decided on a different approach. I disconnected the upper (the small one) hose first. Then I took a 1/4" drive 7mm deep well socket (using a VERY small 1/4" rachet) to get to the bottom hose clamp. I simply pulled the DV towards me and could easily get the socket on there. A screw driver would have been difficult.

Once the bottom clamp was loosened, I carefully pried the DV out of the bottom hose. It was then easy to route the DV under a couple smaller vacuum hoses allowing easy access to that D#%m squashed on clamp. I then just twisted pryed and generally destroyed the clamp to get it off...

Installation was a breeze... I lubricated the hose opening just a litle and popped the new valve in. The clamps that came with the new Forge DV were larger and took an 8mm socket.

Chris Hughes