Zaino Story
 Posted by Ego on 2000-05-24 12:28:31:


 I have used Zymol, and am now going to try Zaino so that I have an
 informed comparison. As I said before, I will share my thoughts once I've
 finished. I just want to add, for those who are thinking about purchasing
 Zaino, if/when you do decide, buy through The Gloss Boss. *Unbelievably*
 friendly lady, and very very helpful on information. She even talked me
 out of buying one product because I didn't need it (Z-14) for what I
 thought I needed it for. Saved me a few bucks. Prices are the same as
 direct through Zaino-Bros, but you can pay with a credit card, which is a
 major plus for me.

 I highly recommend her. She knows her stuff, and was very polite and
 helpful the entire converstion.

 That link again:

 The Gloss Boss

 6415 Perry Pines CT.
 Indianapolis, IN 46237

 Chris Lawrence

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(ed: You can also get it via Zaino directly.)