Front end cover (aka "bra") description
 Posted by ObsessTT on 2000-03-23 21:22:18:

 It is 4 pieces. All black. Front lip of hood cover, front fascia cover,
 and 2 mirror condoms.

 I put the mirror condoms on first. Car looked like Mickey Mouse. (It is a
 silver TT).

 Next I put the hood lip on. Not too hard, stretches really taut.

 Finally, the hard part, the front fascia cover. I never thought it would
 line up over the "alien hole covers". 2 people had to stretch REAL hard.
 Also, I had to replace a screw in the airdam in front of the front wheels
 with a snap-ended screw that was provided.

 Altogether it it'll keep the bugs off. And the rock chips.
 It is a perfect fit and very well made. And I don't like the "ears" but I
 might get used to them. Or I might remove them. I am giving it until next
 Wednesday (after my track time at Quattro school).

 "TT" is in silver letters with red outline on the front left of the hood
 edge cover. Each mirror condom has "TT" impressed in it in 3/4 inch high
 letters. All of the holes for mounting were already in the car.

 Picture to come tomorrow night.

 It was $189. There are plenty in the SE Audi warehouse here in Jax.

 Ivan, with the cross-your-heart :)

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