Jenner on 2000-02-24 23:52:26:

Turbo boost:
Stock TT = 0.8 Bar or 11-12psi boost
Most aftermarket chips are:
1.0-1.1 Bar = 14-16psi boost

Stock 180hp TT turbo name = K03
Aftermarket larger or 225hp TT turbo = K04

Chips usually come in two flavors:
"Spare ECU"(you swap the entire silver metal container with your stock one) and "Socketed"(your stock ECU is opened, the stock chip desoldered and a socket is installed which allows you to remove the aftermarket chip and reinsert the stock chip or send the aftermarket chip out for new coding)

Possible problems with chips:
Chip MAY or MAY NOT void warrenty depending on dealer.
Chip MAY or MAY NOT lower the life of the engine
Chip could possibly damage turbo if not allowed to cool down after hard runs.
Chip could cause pinging(detonation) in high heat or with poor fuel(91 octane or less)
The 1.8T engine hasen't been around long enough(since 1997) to tell how much if at all a chip effects engine life. But it seems the engine is able to handle this and more...

Advantages to chipping:
Less turbo lag
More horsepower and torque
Better acceleration
Better gas milage
Some chips can smooth out jerkiness or lag problems

Brand names:
TAP, APR, Garrett, Neuspeed, AMS, MTM/Hoppen, Wetterauer, Autothority, Superchips and probably more that I don't know of or am forgeting.

Helpful links to learn more about turbos or these fine companies:
Don P's Audi Zone
AWE Tuning:

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
I am sure there is more out there and I am sure that if you look around Audiworld more you will find LOTS of info. I know I did.

Hope this helps in your quest!

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Here is some info that may help.
Posted by Jim Torongo on 2000-03-08 10:22:21:

In Reply to: Has anyone chipped a FWD 180? posted by TT Tom on 2000-03-07 23:14:51

Tom there is a ton of info on chipping FWD 180s check the archives. Most are using Garrett chips because the cost is low and you get a lot for it. MTM probably has the best chip but it may be a bit strong for the FWD car. MTM was one of only one of two tuners that got ECU coding direct from Audi and their chip is the hottest. If you use a Borla or similar exhaust with a Garrett chip you will be at around 210 to 215 HP and that's about all I would put through a FWD TT. Wheel spin, torque steer axle hop and more will great the FWD owners who push beyond this prudent limit. The handling won't be effected at all; you will just go faster. The trans will not be effected either, the power transmitting parts for the FWD can handle the power, only the sycros are suspect and there is no power 'ON' while shifting gears. For my part I don't think the FWD transmission is a problem, mine is 13,000 old and shifts perfectly. Here's what I would do 1) Borla exhaust- less weight 10 HP, 2) Garrett chip, 3) Mobil 1 -good for a few HP, 4) lighter wheels - the TT wheels weigh 30 pounds and that's heavy- I dropped 12 pounds per wheel and with BBS RWII s and you can notice an improvement in acceleration and ride. The car will pull harder at all RPM and much better on top. JIM