Chris, I had this and got it repaired.
Posted by LarryTT on 2000-03-02 15:34:49:

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Have your dealer call my dealer. Speak to the Service Manager there and he will tell them EXACTLY what to do. A very easy fix. I promise!

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He had to call a dealer in CA to get the fix for me! :)

The problem is a grounding issue. Something to do with a pin 2 with something. I never asked exactly what it was. It got fixed and that is ALL that mattered!

Chris to reproduce the problem do this:

Get in your car, lock the doors, then start the car. The lights WON'T work. You will also notice that the locks WON'T work either!

You need to turn the car OFF then open the doors and then everything will work.

The procedure to get the lights to work in the mean time is:

Get in, Start the car, lock the doors and the lights WILL work now. The door will also unlock. It is a PAIN IN THE ASS, but their is a cure.

Just have your dealer give mine a call. I actually had my dealer try this out on a brand new TT that was on the lot. It had the same "bug". They fixed that one before fixing mine, I insisted on them getting it right the first time!

Let me know what happens.

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Stupid TT light trix: See if your car does this:
Posted by ObsessTT on 2000-04-21 17:33:26:

At least 5 TT's that I have seen exhibit this problem. I had mine fixed today. It was a bad ground somewhere in the central locking control module . Here is how to replicate:

1. Get into the car.
2. Do not put the key into the ignition.
3. Close the doors.
4. lock the doors using the lock button in between the front seats.
5 start the car
6. You can no longer turn the overhead lights on nor can you unlock the doors using the switch.

To reset, turn the car off, remove the key and restart.

I never actually ran into this in daily use since I do not lock the car when I get in. (my computer was set to lock the doors at 15mph, so I don't worry about it.)

Now we'll drive service technicians at Audi dealers across the country crazy tracing the bad ground!

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