Oh What A Shine!
Posted by drMiTTchell on 2000-02-27 20:21:39:

First off...I've been reading this forum for about 4 months. Many thanks to everyone who contributes. Your advise and suggestions are wonderful - exactly what this forum is all about.

I got my TTq January 31st, 2000 after a 4 month wait for a Denim/Denim - What a ride!!

Now for my contribution:
As a new TT owner, I wasn't sure of all the latest technology in waxing (First new car in 6 years and things change a lot... or do they?) So when it came to detailing I asked everyone, including the dealer. I got suggestions from Pinnacle (Spelling??)at $50 for paste - Are they nuts?? to Mothers to Meguiar's and a few other off-names. The majority of people I asked said to use Meguiar's. So off to my local discount auto parts store...$10 for Meguiar's Gold Class. Right off the bottle - "The most reflective car wax in our 95+ year history".

Easy On...Easy Off (less than 2 hours for the whole car)- Looks better than the day I picked it up. Check out the pic link below and see the depth for yourself.

Best of Luck to all the TT owners out there!

 Posted by Cliff Melick on 2000-03-16 20:16:53:

 In Reply to: Wax and Wear posted by Craig Syverson on 2000-03-16 20:08:10

 Last week I took a "mental health day" from work, and used it to wash and
 wax the TT...a very therapeutic activity for someone who works mainly in
 the abstract. I used Zaino Bros. products for the very first time, and
 was quite impressed by the depth of the shine (esp. on the lake silver
 metallic), and would recommend these products to anyone.

 Posted by Jim Murphy on 2000-03-20 13:18:02:

 In Reply to: Which Zymol wax should I use for a Denim Blue Q? posted by
 Chuck on 2000-03-20 12:55:52

 That color would be considered a dark color so "Carbon" would be the wax
 to use.

 The difference between waxes in the same class are pretty much a
 difference in the amount of "oils" used and the amount of carnauba they
 contain. Dark colors need more protection due to the extreme abuse they
 take from the sun. However, if I had 2 cars - 1 light and 1 dark - I
 wouldn't buy both waxes. I would just buy Carbon and use it on both. In
 fact, many, many years ago I was using the "Japon" wax on a non-Japanese
 light car after I sold the Japanese car. The wax worked just as well
 although it did apply differently than Creame once I purchased the Creame

 If you can swing it, you may want to try the Concours glaze. I have been
 using that for many years now (5+ years) and Zymol often has it on
 special for 99$ (that's when I buy it). The difference between the waxes
 can actually be felt after application - vast difference between the two

 I used the Carbon and it's very nice. The glaze is $99 now. (more)
 Posted by Howard on 2000-03-20 14:28:25:

 In Reply to: Re: Which Zymol wax should I use for a Denim Blue Q? posted
 by Jim Murphy on 2000-03-20 13:18:02

 The carbon is not on sale now and you can find it for $32 almost

 A month ago when I got my wax they had a special going. The HD-Cleaner,
 Carbon wax, a towel and applicator for $50. So that seemed reasonable to

 The link to the $99 glaze is below.


Posted by cyber bob on 2000-03-21 09:00:14:

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zymol is great! check out their website. i have a silver tt so i use the creame wax (you would need the carbon). that along with a bottle of hd cleanse and you'll be all set! you also shold get some lexol (for the leather), and vinylex. info on these can be found here:


best of luck! :)

Posted by 1G5 on 2000-03-31 15:27:31:

Zaino testimonials

Just finished taking off my 2nd coat of Z5 and I have to say all the hype is not hype. This stuff is amazing. Thanks to all those who enthusiasm for this product convinced me to try it! I was slightly regretting having bought the Raven Black, but no more. It looks spectacular. Thanks!


 Zaino wax problem corrected.
 Posted by alarabie on 2000-04-02 19:46:26:

 I applied an other coat and it cleaned the first coat. It seems that what
 ever you do, if the first coat smears, there is no way to clean it. The
 car looked like i had applied oil to it, you could actually write your
 name on the car. I tried to clean it with Z6 but was only marginally
 succesful. I tried a smal area and gave it a second coat and I let it dry
 in sun for an hour, ambient temperature was about 82. That did the trick,
 it removed the oily surface and buffed to a very wet looking surface. I
 guest the trick is to let it dry for a longggggg time, otherwise once you
 remove it it never seems to want to dry out. I'm a happy camper now,
 thank you for everybody that tried to help in my previous post. :)

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 Zaino Rules : The research is in. Read on brave souls...
 Posted by Rik on 2000-04-05 02:11:55:

 Excuse this shameless boosterism, But there are too many questions. Here
 are your answers.

 A big Zaino man I am and now I am confirmed. I tried Zymol on my "new"
 '95 del sol si (black of course). What a production! Too much effort for
 results that Zaino produces in less than 1/2 the time. Even Less!!! If I
 find one more blue wax residue I will scream! Zaino produces much more
 with less headache.

 Zaino IS NOT AN ABRASIVE (who the freak knows why they used the word
 polish) so snap out of it people... save yourselves.... Get your Zaino
 today & make your car beautiful without killing yourself. Zymol is fine
 if you like banging your head against the wall. Zaino is the official car
 wax of the Viper group.
 Also Carnubas build up over time (waxy yellow buildup). Whereas with
 Zaino's the more you use it the better it looks!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Overall the principles of putting a shine to you car is easy.
 "zero" the car - debug degrease wash clean dry. "Zero" the paint . Zaino
 the car.

 Larry's step below in a different post are very detailed & good.
 But after you do all that, putting on a layer of Zaino & removing it
 takes a total of 15 min. Clean you windows while it slightly dries.
 Ziano's is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EASY.

 I know Car Waxes. I have used EVERY stinkin brand. I have asked &
 learned.  I used to wax my first car- a silver '73 Monte Carlo 350 4
 barrel- every month.  At the end of two years I noticed Fa-reaking metal
 on my hood. I polished the paint right off my car! a lesson learned that
 most over the counter shit has abrasives in it because your typical
 user only waxes their car once year and they need to remove all that
 old road grime, oxidized paint, bugs, tar and old Yellowed wax.

 Enter Carnuba Waxes & Aircraft waxes. Looks & feels great. Doesn't last
 long at all. Even more painful to apply & remove. Small circular motion.
 Let dry to haze, remove, buff, rewet the car to "setup" the wax...good
 grief. Who has this kind of time to waste? My cousin John swaers by a
 certain aircraft wax for his 911 but he can afford to have someone apply
 it weekly.

 Enter the paint restorers ie : Ultra Finish Looks the best of all .. it's
 like a brand new paint job.... But NO protection....great for show cars
 that never touch pavement or get rained on.

 Stuff like Nufinish et al have silicones in them. THey will chemically
 change the color of your paint. When you get that 1/4 panel reapainted
 after two years. Why do you think it looks so different?

 I could go on... But you Zymol fans are IMHO really missing out.
 Hey it'll cost you 25 bucks 2 bottles: for a bottle of lok and a bottle
 of #2.  I believe you'll thank me. At the worst you'll be out 25 bucks &
 have a new whipping boy to go after.

 Zaino Bros' * 4057 HWY 9 N. #106 * Howell, NJ 07731

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