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From TTinTO on Audiworld

How to Adjust Xenon Headlight Range using a VAG-COM

I can confirm that this tweek works on an '01 TT 225 and '03 A4 Avant 1.8T.
Although I have not tested it, this should work on all current Audi cars with
OEM self-levelling Xenon lights.

When I recently took delivery of my '03 A4 Avant 1.8T, I noticed that the
headlights were aimed too low. Foreground illumination was excellent, however I
was having difficulty picking out signs further down the road. They were
certainly not aimed as optimally as the Xenons on my TT (after several trips to
the dealer to get it right).

When I parked the A4 alongside the wall of an industrial building at night, a
sharp downwards slope was evident. The lights were aimed approximately 20-30
degrees from horizontal, too low for my taste.

Here is the procedure to adjust the vertical aim of OEM Xenons

1. Park the car on a level surface, 10 to 20 feet from a wall if possible.
Connect the VAG-COM as usual, with both ignition and xenons on.

2. Select control module 55 - H. Light Range. This is somewhat hidden under
"Less Common Modules"

3. Take note of the value in the Soft Coding cell. This is the headlight level
as set by the dealer when they performed the PDI. If you manage to muck things
up you can always go back to this default value

4. Click on "Recode - 07" and you will be able to modify this soft coding
value. A smaller value aims the lights higher, and lower value aims the lights
lower. Click on "Do it!" to see the lights move up or down.

5. Don't over do it. I suggest that you choose a value that still has a gentle
downwards slope to avoid blinding other people on the road. I changed my
original value from 00060 to 00020 and it's perfect.

6. Now you need to recalibrate the self-leveling reference point, or else you
will throw a code the next time you start the car.

7. To do this, select "Basic Settings - 04" and scroll up to "Group 001". In a
few seconds the first cell will change from "wait" to "set". Now scroll to
"Group 002" and wait until the controller says "Learned"

8. Enjoy your improved visibility!